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Starter Tips

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Starter Tips

Welcome to MindRO /lv

In this post we will go over the most important things you need to know about.

We don't have a lot of customizations so this should be easy /no1


The first thing you need to do is to take your freebies! They are free gifts to help you catch up faster to older players /kis2 Click here to learn more about our freebies


We have many useful commands, but the most important commands you need to know about are:

  • @allskill (activates all your skills)
  • @jump (similar to fly wing, teleports you in your current map)
  • @jumpback (can be used after @jump, teleports you back to your previous location)
  • @load or @return (similar to butterfly wing, teleports you to your save point)
  • @go (allows you to travel to any town, example: @go 0 will take you to prontera. type @go alone to see the number for each town)
  • @warp (takes you to a specified map and the specified coordinates if entered too, example @warp prt_fild08 100 200. you can find your current coordinates by typing /where. this is used all the time when hunting MVP monsters)
  • @autoloot (automatically take monster drops)
  • @onlogin autoloot (automatically turn @autoloot on when you login so you don't have to do it everytime)
  • @storage (opens your storage from anywhere)
  • @bulksell (sells items in your inventory automatically to NPC with overcharge too)
  • @bulksellsf (shows what type of items are safe when you use @bulksell command)
  • @commands (shows the full list of commands. there are more and you should learn about all of them later /kis2 )

Some of these commands you will use all the time so it's advised to put them in ALT + M shortcuts

alt_m.png (2.91 KiB) Viewed 3429 times

Reset Stats

We already saw @allskill to activate all skills so we don't need skill reset but how about stat reset? You can reset your stats by talking to the Build Manager NPC

reset_stats.png (122.52 KiB) Viewed 3429 times

Alternative Outfits

Once you reach your max level in your max class (Transcendent and Expanded), you can change your outfit to other classes in the same tree up to 3rd classes' outfit.

Changing your outfit does not affect your skills or stats or anything. They're only different clothes. Click here for more details about Alternative Outfits

Card Remover

New players often ask about the Card Remover. It is located in prontera's blacksmith building.

There is a chance of failure but you don't lose your equipment or cards. You only lose the Zeny cost which is just a small amount.

card_remover.png (135.79 KiB) Viewed 3429 times


We have a rich collection of headgear quests and equipment too. All the good stuff is in our quests NPC while our Cash Shop has unique costumes only (with no battle effects).

Make sure to check the Quest Master NPC located at prontera 147 170

quest_master.png (63.04 KiB) Viewed 3423 times

Armor Enchanting

Armor Enchanting is how you can add stats to your armor similar to this:

enchanted_item.png (10.85 KiB) Viewed 3413 times

This is important to reach specific stats like 150 Dex to have instant casting of skills.

The armor enchanter NPC is located at prontera 164 140 and can attempt to enchant your armor for the cost of 400.000 Zeny.

When the enchanting is successful, the armor will be enchanted with a random stat and random points between 1 and 3.

When the enchanting fails, you will lose your armor, so be careful not to attempt to enchant any armor with valuable cards.

If the enchanting is successful and you're unhappy with the result, you can still attempt to enchant again.

Click here for the full list of enchantable armors


Pets in MindRO never get hungry and are loyal by default.

Sometimes their loyalty decreases when you die, but all you need to do is to type the following command to restore their loyalty: @petfriendly 1000

The reason why pets are important in MindRO is because they are loyal and when they are loyal you get to have their loyal effects. Click here to see the full official list of pet effects

Also note !!!IMPORTANT!!!, we have custom pets that you can find more information about on the Quests Master NPC > Other.

Hourly Rewards

Hourly Rewards are rewards that are given to you in certain chances for every 1 hour of playtime.

To see the list of Hourly Rewards and their chances, type @hr or @hourlyrewards

Click here to see the contents of Rare Hourly Reward Gift Box

Note that you receive double Hourly Rewards during the weekends (Saturdays and Sundays), and you can receive them only in 1 account when you're on multi clients.

MVP Tracker

MindRO has a public MVP Tracker where you can see the alive status of MVP monsters. Everyone uses it so you should know about it. Click here to go to the MVP Tracker


The same goes for our marketplace. Click here to see the items currently on sale by other players


There are 3 trading Currencies in addition to Zeny in MindRO:

  • Gold Coin: can be exchanged to 1.000.000 Zeny and vice versa at the Coin Exchanger NPC located at prontera 146 197
  • Mithril Coin: can be exchanged to 5.000.000 Zeny and vice versa at the Coin Exchanger NPC located at prontera 146 197
  • Silvervine Fruit: Can be exchanged to 1 Cash Point at the Cash Exchanger NPC located at prontera 149 194
Cash Points are obtained through Server Donations

Private MVP Rooms

Private MVP Rooms is a feature where you can rent private rooms to summon boss monsters freely either alone or with friends. Click here to learn the full details about Private MVP Rooms


Instances are similar to a private dungeon that you can enter alone or with others. Click here to find the list of all our instances and their guides

Note that some instances also give the opportunity to fight MVP monsters and in some cases the Zeny cost can be cheaper than Private MVP Rooms. Using a Private MVP Room is only good when you want to target a specific boss monster for its drops or use Bloody Branch item.


Battlegrounds is a team vs team event that's open 24/7. It requires only 2 players to start.Click here for the full Battlegrounds details

Note: you can also get War Badges by exchanging Chivalry Emblem with the Quest Master NPC -> Other

Note: The Outer lands is a good place to farm Chivalry Emblems.

Outer Lands

The Outer Lands is a special farming area. Click here for the full Outer Lands' details

Auto Events

Auto Events are events that start every 30 minutes. You can find the complete schedule and rewards in our home page. Scroll down and click on "Events". Click here to go to our home page

WoE (War of Emperium) & KoE (King of Emperium)

WoE and KoE are types of Guild vs Guild events. Click here to see their schedule and rewards

PK / PvP / MVP Shops

PK / PvP / MVP Shops are shops where you can exchange your PK / PvP / MVP Points.

  • PK points are gained by killing players anywhere; PvP, Battlegrounds, WoE, KoE, Last Man Standing event, etc.
  • PvP points are gained by killing players only inside PvP, so in PvP you get both PK and PvP Points.
  • MVP Points are gained by killing MVP monsters anywhere; fields, dungeons, instances, Private MVP Rooms, etc.

You can use the following commands to see the rankings for this month:

  • @pkrank
  • @pvprank
  • @mvprank (count only kills in fields and dungeons)

Each shop has unique costumes and they are all located right below the center area of prontera.

point_shops.png (94.28 KiB) Viewed 3424 times

Monthly Rankings

In the beginning of every month, the top players last month receive rewards for their achievement. Click here for the full details about Monthly Rankings

You can use the command @toprankers to see the top rankers last month.

Item Modifications

We have only a few item modifications and we don't have any custom equipments:

  • Doppelganger Card: Effect increased by 3x
  • Moonlight Flower Card: Effect increased by 1.5x
  • Golden Thief Bug Card: Effect reduced to half inside PvP, BG and GvG maps
  • Fallen Bishop Hibram Card: Effect reduced to half inside PvP, BG and GvG maps
  • Memory of Thanatos Card: Disabled inside PvP, BG and GvG maps
  • Bloody Branch: Enabled only inside Private MVP Rooms
  • Yggdrasil Berry: Added 3 seconds re-use delay
  • Yggdrasil Seed: Added 2 seconds re-use delay
  • Oridecon/Elunium/Rough Oridecon/Rough Elunium: Weight reduced to 1
  • Chivalry Emblem: Weight reduced to 1
  • Glorious Shuriken +9: Casts Heal after Ninja Aura instead of after Killing Strike

Skill Modifications

The same for skill modifications:

  • Bowling Bash: Disabled official gutterline system
  • Devotion: Works on friendly targets regardless if in the same party or not
  • Assassin Spirit: Disabled inside PvP maps
  • Abracadabra: Enabled only inside Private MVP Rooms
  • Discount: Disabled
  • Compulsion Discount: Disabled
  • Vending: Can open shop with different currencies

Custom GRFs

Custom GRFs are files that you add to your client folder to gain certain advantages. They are allowed in MindRO and some players already shared their custom GRFs in our Guides & Resources for others to use as well.


Big MVPs for easy targeting

Floating Emperium for easy targeting

Gray Map GRFs

More Features

We have more features but they're all easy to learn about as you play.

All our custom NPCs are concentrated around the center area of prontera. Take a walk around there and check everything and you will be a pro MindRO player in no time /wink

You can also check the information on our home page to leave no stone unturned.

If you need any help, please feel free to ask on forum or on discord or anywhere. You're also welcome to PM me for anything /no1
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