Private MVP Room Guide

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Private MVP Room Guide

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Private MVP Room Guide

You can rent private mvp rooms for the cost of 10m Zeny for a duration of 60 minutes. The NPC is located at prontera 147 158 and you can also go there through the Warper NPC > Services.

You can choose to rent the room for your guild, your party, or only your account.

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Inside you will find an NPC that shows you how much time is left and that can heal you, summon monsters for you, and remove monsters if you no longer want to fight them.

All the services inside the room are free, except for summoning monsters. The cost for summoning an mvp monsters is 20m Zeny, and for summoning a mini boss is 10m Zeny.

You can also summon random mvp monsters using Bloody Branch item if you have it.

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Happy boss monster fighting!

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