Scam Alert (Real Money Scam)

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Scam Alert (Real Money Scam)

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This is not about in-game scam for items or equipment. It is a scam for your real money and to hack into your computer, so please read!

Please don't believe anyone who sends you a private message in game and tells you that he is a GM and that he is undercover. A real GM would never do that.

Typically they will ask you to contact them on a fake discord account then they will share some screenshots that show that their character has GM sprite. Please note that anyone can do this if they modify their client and only they can see their own modifications on their screens. That's why they can only show you a screenshot.

They will make up some false story and ask you to send them money. They may also ask you to install a remote connection program like TeamViewer or Anydesk to gain control over your computer "to guide you" but what they will do is install malicious programs on your computer to control your computer any time they want and steal your passwords outside the game (example your bank or online wallet password).

If anyone sends you a private message and tells you that they are a GM, report them immediately so they can get banned as soon as possible. Don't send them any money. Don't install any programs they ask you to. Don't download any files they send to you.

This is how a real private message from a GM looks like:

real_gm_pm.png (245.48 KiB) Viewed 33834 times

Notice in the picture above how the message appears both in the chat box and also at the top. All real private messages from GM, appear at your chat box and also at the top (only you can see the message at the top when it's sent as a private message to you).

The following now is a fake private message from a fake GM:

fake_gm_pm.png (107.61 KiB) Viewed 33054 times

Even though you see "GM Oreki: hello", all that's being sent is a single long message with many spaces "[SPACE] [SPACE] [SPACE] [SPACE] [SPACE] [SPACE] GM Oreki: hello" and when there is a line break it appears as if the message was sent from "GM Oreki". The real sender name in this example is "testchar".

Fake messages will only appear on your chat box and will not appear at the top. This is the easiest way to differentiate between the two.

Finally, this is the real GM Oreki discord:

gm_discord.png (29.05 KiB) Viewed 32973 times

ID: ro_gm

If you don't see these exact details on someone else whose display name is also GM Oreki, know that they are fake.

In case you gave them control over your computer or installed any program they asked you to, please reset your PC to factory settings as soon as possible and change all your passwords using an other device or after the reset is finished if you don't have access to an other device.



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