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    • The battleground is open 24/7
    • Battleground modes rotate every 15 minutes
    • During the battleground Happy Hours the rewards are doubled (more details below)
      • Win: 60 War Badge
      • Tie: 40 War Badge
      • Loss: 30 War Badge
      War badges can be used in the battleground shop located at <prontera, 164, 170> (All battleground items are tradable).

      Happy Hours
        Happy Hours are times when all the battleground rewards (Win, Tie, Loss) are doubled. The current Happy Hours are:
          • 09:00AM to 11:00AM Server Time (UTC) every day.
          • 09:00PM to 11:00PM Server Time (UTC) every day.
          Use @time command to know the current server time.

          All battleground commands
            • @joinbg (Join the battleground queue)
            • @bgtime (Show how much time left for the current match to end - this is when a tie will be announced if no one wins)
            • @reportafk (Report a player to be AFK and kick them from the current match if they have been idle for more than 2 minutes)
            • @leavebg (Leave the battleground - you will not be able to join again until after 2 minutes)
            Currently enabled modes
              • Team Deathmatch: Simple team deathmatch. The team that reaches 10 player kills first wins.
              • Triple Inferno: There are 3 teams in this mode, the goal is to kill the opposing team members and take the skull item they drop after they die. You need to go to the pillars near your corner to turn the skulls into points (you just need to walk in front of them). The first team that turns 10 skulls into points wins.
              • Domination: The goal is for a team to gain 50 domination points first by capturing as many of the 3 bases (North, South, and Center) as possible. It takes 25 capturing points to capture a base. A capturing point is gained for every team player near a base while no enemy player is alive nearby. Once a base is captured, the team gains 1 domination point from it for every 5 seconds passed. Bases can also be recaptured by the opposing team. You don't need to be near your captured base to gain domination points from it, you only need to be near a base when you are capturing or defending it.
              • Rush: It's like WoE 1st edition. The team that reaches 2 points first wins. You get:
                • 1 point for capturing the castle when it's still not captured.
                • 2 Points for capturing the castle if it's being defended.
                • 1 point for successfully defending your captured castle.
                Rush duration is 5 minutes per round. 10 in total.
                • You can type /cashshop to hide/show the cash shop icon near the minimap that may hide the battleground's score.
                • War Badge can also be obtained from the Quest Shop -> Other


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