Magma Disaster Instance Guide

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Magma Disaster Instance Guide

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Magma Disaster Instance Guide


Instance Cooldown: None
Instance Timelimit: 2 hours
Instance Rewards: 12x Bloody Branch, 3x Mithril Coin


1. Warper > Instances > Magma Disaster

2. Talk to the NPC to start the instance. You need to be the leader of a party even if you want to enter alone

3. Once you start, you need to kill 250 monsters (Deleter) - There are way more monsters in the map so you won't have to find every single one, you just need to kill 250

4. Once you kill 250 monsters, you will be able to see the elemental disturbers on your minimap (their location is different every time)
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    5. Go to the elemental disturbers and kill them. Each elemental disturber drops 4x Bloody Branch and 1x Mithril Coin

    6. After all elemental disturbers are killed the instance is then successfully cleared and you will be automatically moved out in 10 seconds

      • Lord Knight using Bowling Bash is the most effective class for doing this instance solo
      • Use Elemental Converter (Water)
      • Use Assumption Scroll when you reach elemental disturbers because it's extra crowded in there


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