Bridge Ambush Instance Guide

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Bridge Ambush Instance Guide

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Bridge Ambush Instance Guide


Instance Cooldown: None
Instance Timelimit: 1 hour
Instance Rewards (depends on instance mode):

  • Kobold Ambush: 20x Gold Coin
  • Orc Ambush: 30x Gold Coin


1. Warper > Instances > Bridge Ambush

2. Talk to the NPC to start the instance. You need to be the leader of a party even if you want to enter alone

3. Once you're inside the instance, you will immediately be attacked by continuous waves of monsters. You have to make 500 kills for the boss to appear.

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4. Kill the boss and enjoy the rewards!

  • Kobold Ambush Boss: Kobold Leader
  • Orc Ambush Boss: A weakened version of Orc Hero
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