Nidhoggur's Nest Instance Guide

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Nidhoggur's Nest Instance Guide

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Nidhoggur's Nest Instance Guide


Instance Cooldown: 4 hours
Instance Timelimit: 4 hours
Modification: New World Quest Requirement removed


1. Warper > Instances > Nidhoggur's Nest

2. Talk to Yggdrasil Gatekeeper to create the instance

3. Talk to Murdered Yggdrasilid at <1@nyd 213 277>

4. Kill the 12 monsters with the name Nidhoggur's Guardian

5. Go to the second floor through the warp in the north. <1@nyd 195 320>

6. Solve the maze.
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      7. When the leader passes the end point, the party will be warped to the boss room. Nidhoggur's Shadow spawn. Kill Nidhoggur within 3 minutes or...

      8. Every 3 minutes the whole party will be warped into one of the corners. They'll get one status alignment (not reduced by resists) and they have to defeat 3 Ryncho and 2 Phylla to proceed.
      • Northeast: HP -25%, SP -50%, Poison
      • Southeast: SP -50%, Sleep, Chaos
      • Southwest: HP -75%, Bleeding
      • Northwest: HP -50%, Frozen
      9. Kill Nidhoggur


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