@bulkbuy command? [fulfilled]

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@bulkbuy command? [fulfilled]

Post by Deathwing »

I'm not sure if this would make the game "too easy" but I thought it would be really nice/convenient to have a text command like @bulkbuy

which basically just does what the Bulk Buyer NPC does, only I don't have to travel to the Marketplace and skip through dialogue to do it.

Maybe it just has a single "Yes/No" confirmation?
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GM Oreki
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Re: @bulkbuy command? [fulfilled]

Post by GM Oreki »

Hi Deathwing,

This request has been fulfilled as part of today's update: Changelog 2022-11-05

Commands added:
@bulksell (usage: @bulksell confirm)
@bulksellsf (shows safe items list)

Topic closed!
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