Costumes - Quest [closed]

The place to make development requests for the next updates (example: requesting a headgear quest).
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Costumes - Quest [closed]

Post by Bunny »

I would like to suggest if there will be new costumes to add in the server, I think it’s better to add some loots/ingredients to get the costume, instead of buying it for only 10 MCs.

I know it will take some time to get the costumes, but this will keep the players to be busy in the game and be more active. Moreover, it will increase vendors to the market place, as they will sell loots for those players who don’t have time to hunt the ingredients given for the costume they wanted.

Thank you! /thx
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Re: Costumes - Quest [closed]

Post by GM Oreki »

Hi Bunny,

Thank you for opening this topic.

We add around a 100 costume to the Costume Shop on every update (once or twice a month) and it's not practical to make different item requirements for every single one of them every time. That's why they are all sold for MC which is also important for the economy.

Topic closed!


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