Bulk Buyer Suggestions [fulfilled]

The place to make development requests for the next updates (example: requesting a headgear quest)
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Bulk Buyer Suggestions [fulfilled]

Post by Deathwing »

I love it so far. It's already made my life easier. I just sometimes panic since I'm afraid of selling something by accident.

I think it would be nice if the following were excluded:
  • Bubble Gum
    Any equipment with + refine
    Any equipment with a card in it
    Miniboss Cards... Or maybe just all cards? (I personally would prefer it)
    Chivalry Emblem
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GM Oreki
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Re: Bulk Buyer Suggestions [fulfilled]

Post by GM Oreki »

Hi Deathwing,

Request is fulfilled in-game. No need to wait until next update.

Topic closed!
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