Healer NPC Buff, @go QOL, Warper Improvement [fulfilled]

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Healer NPC Buff, @go QOL, Warper Improvement [fulfilled]

Post by thraca »

Hello Oreki

I have several ideas that might be beneficial to the player experience here at MindRO:

1. Allow players to invest zeny into the Healer NPC for select buffs (ex: Assumptio, Imposito Manus, Gloria, Magnificat, Aspersio, Providence) with a menu to choose which buffs are activated / not activated. The linker NPC could also be bundled into this to allow players to get their buffs at the town they save in. It could cost maybe 100m per buff and they are saved for the guild for all guild members to use.

2. Allow when players use the @go command to towns to recover a portion (or all) of their health and sp. This will be a quality of life improvement and smoother for champions after asura so they can instantly recharge without having to click the healer both before and after recharging for asura (once to have sp to start dangerous soul collect, twice to have max sp again after recharing and before leaving town to re-enter dungeons). I know the Osiris MVP card is semi redundant to this idea, however osiris activates upon death which allows much more different uses and not activated once going to town after a successful asura strike without dying.

3. Set a special area menu in the warper for certain NPC locations. Ex: @warp prontera 156 159 for ease of returning to private mvp room and utilizing other useful NPC's south of the fountain. This could also bundle in the vending area sign warp if desired and maybe even refine NPC or whatever else comes to mind.

4. Add towns to the warper NPC, which will also include niflheim.

Thanks for considering
-thraca / Tier One
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GM Oreki
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Re: Healer NPC Buff, @go QOL, Warper Improvement

Post by GM Oreki »

Hi thraca,

3 and 4 are done.

1 and 2 are good requests as well but they are not things we can do right away. We will leave them as notes to consider for coming updates.



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Re: Healer NPC Buff, @go QOL, Warper Improvement [approved]

Post by randgrior »

There were many ideas presented, and some are practical, like a town warper to specific points on the same map - on official servers, we have the city guide who gives us directions, but we all know how difficult it is to navigate using the ingame screen map.
This opens up the possibility to better distribute NPCs in the main town as well, given the need.

However, to point 1, there is something similar already implemented here, which are the skill scrolls available in the Battlegrounds shop. Surely we could have more options there, like Assumptio (Item ID# 12218), Aspersio (Item ID# 12217), Magnificat (Item ID# 14516), Holy Armor Scroll (Item ID# 14540), Adrenaline Rush (Item ID# 12220), Wind Walk (Item ID# 12219), and so on; but my point is that we do not really need a Healer NPC with more buffs, aside from the usual Blessing and Increase Agility.
And, since the last update, War Medals became simpler to get, as you can trade Chivalry Emblems, a common drop from Raydric and Khalitzburg, for them, in the Quest Master NPC.
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